We are a locally based company, that supplies the Illawarra with premium ready meals, we are run by local guys & gals, that love what we do, and do what we love.
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Weight Loss

We have meals specifically designed to help move that stubborn fat.

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Fitness & Performance

All our meals are weighed down to the gram, our weights are super accurate. Making it even easier to track your daily intake.

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Heavily Customisable

All our proteins have multiple bases to pick from. Balanced Base, Maintain Base, Low Carb Base, High Carb Base or our weekly special. All designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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We understand the need to take a break here and there from meat, chest mondays? How about meatless mondays?

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Gluten Free

Where we can, we make our meals as Gluten Free as possible. No more bloated bellies!

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Battle of the Sexes

Our 2 protein sizes, 100g & 150g are specifically designed for females & males, based on how much protein can be effectively absorbed in one sitting.


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